“We are a family of five about to embark on a big adventure– moving to China!  We are headed to Shanghai to experience the thrills and spills of living abroad.  Join us as we navigate a new city and attempt to learn Mandarin.”

That’s what I wrote four years ago when I started this blog.  Since then, the kids have grown and we have adjusted– a little– to living in China.  This site documents some of the things we have encountered and the people we have met.  While it hasn’t always been easy, we have tried to manage with a little humor and an eye toward keeping our sanity.  Hopefully it gives you a window into the experience of living in Shanghai.

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  1. Found your blog searching for where to buy light bulbs in Shanghai and got your story about your challenges in changing your own in your Shanghai house.

    I have always wondered what the Shanghai experience is like for people who aren’t extremely flexible about things like food safety standards, or for that matter, practically everything. I now understand that they might be a bit grumpy or even driven a bit crazy.

    Thanks for the wonderful stories!

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