Finishing the School Year

It has been some rough times this school year, but I’m finally moving on.  My dad tried to move me at the beginning of the year to another school, but it didn’t really work.  All they would do is be a butt.  My dad thought it would be hard if I left my school at the end of the year because I would have made friends and it would be hard to leave them behind.  Leaving them behind would not be easy because it would give me a bad feeling.  Some of my friends live very close so I can probably see them a lot, but others I am not so sure.  I’m hoping to get the phone numbers of all my friends so then I can invite them over for playdates and sleepovers.  I hope next school year works out.


Dictated to Gwen by Ava

2 thoughts on “Finishing the School Year

  1. Ava,

    The important thing is that you made it! Life is not always easy, but sometimes a good struggle can help build your character. Good work.

    Let your family know we miss you all very much!

    Ryan April and Kienan

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