My mom did say “The kids are both excited and terrified” but then she informed me that instead of 3-5 years in China, we may stay 3-SEVEN years. She also said we may move to a lot of different places after China. Colorado, Australia, etc. As a nine year old boy whose LIFE depends on the computer and the internet (as we have no t.v., wii, etc.) im gonna be without computer for a long time. Im gonna miss all my friends but there’s always Skype lol ^_^ but im not so sure im going to feel at home for at least six months. Lego Universe is closing down and that was my fav game at the moment. It was the best game iv played. Its shutting down on January 31st 2012 because their target audience is 9-13 year olds and less than half of the 2,000,000 players are their target audience less than half of the people who r their target audience r members. 😦 goodbye LU.

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