Surprisingly, This Time The Issue Didn’t Come From China!

The latest from Lucas…

I apparently just became a victim of an accidental prank call. This is how it went:


I was texting my mom about my homework, when the phone rang. I answered it, saying “Hello, Erickson residence”. The voice on the other line sounded like a woman. (She was also southern, which adds to the funniness of the story later.) So anyway, back to the point. She didn’t say anything for a minute. I said “Hello? Who is this?” she answered back “Hi, are you Spanish?” I was wondering why she would ask, but I answered, “Um… no”. She asked who I was, and I told her that my name was Lucas Erickson. She told me she was looking for someone named ‘David’, but everything each of us said followed a little bit of hesitation. I thought it was just a normal, wrong number problem, and I told her that she had the wrong number. She pushed on saying, “Come on, I know it’s you!” I tried to persuade her that I wasn’t this ‘David’ but she wouldn’t listen to anything I said, I don’t know how exactly I sounded Spanish over the phone. I eventually got to the point where I got bored with repeating “No” over and over again, so I just hung up. She called back a second time, this time mumbling something as soon as I answered. I said, “What?” She responded back with the same mumbling, just a little bit louder than before. Then a Russian-sounding man got on the line, and said “Hey!” In my opinion, it’s hard enough as-is to understand Russian people, add that to the fact that he sounded like he had a frog stuck in his throat. At this point, I was starting to consider that these people might be stalking me and I might somehow end up gagged, tied up, and stuffed into the back of their van driving to who-knows-where, so I just hung up. I had an idea now, and so the next time they called me back, (Which was in like five seconds), I put my great mind to use. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Hello?”


Her: “Yes, hi”


Me: “I don’t know you people, I’m twelve years old, my name is Lucas Erickson, and I live in China. If you don’t believe me, go to my mom’s blog,”.


Her: “You lying motherf**ker!”


Me: “You know what, screw you!”


I then hung up on her, and went back to playing my video game. I was called again a little while after, and she incoherently mumbled what I think was “Sorry”, then I heard her tell someone behind her, (Unless she was talking to herself), that they should have believed me the first time. I hung up, and wasn’t called again. Good riddance. I hope they’re reading this blog right now, and if they are, was it really necessary to call me a lying motherf**ker?  

B-Squared Bike Helmet Turn Signal

At school, I did a project called the invention convention. We had to invent something and present it to the judges. I made a bicycle helmet turn signal that will help prevent motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Dad wants to get a patent for our design, make infomercials, and try to sell them. So I made a blog to share this invention with the public. If you are interested, please come to the blog at:

My Bionicles

BIONICLES! When I was in kindergarten bionicles were a big deal, but then as I entered 1st grade everyone got less interested in bionicles. Bionicles are the perfect combination: Lego + action figures = bionicles. Bionicles are composed of snap-together pieces:

Lego created a whole storyline for bionicles. I will show it here. You don’t have to watch it cause it’s kinda long. sorry, they took out the older videos.

Here is the newer bionicle Ackar from the Glatoran series:

And here is his promo trailer.

I don’t want spring break to be over!

I really really really really really don’t want spring break to be over because I don’t want to go back to waking up at the crack of dawn. I’m sleeping in every day and playing and being lazy till night and then I stay up late and then I sleep in again. I learned to ride my 2-wheel bike last thursday and now I ride it every day. We went to the circus on 4/6, my favorite act was where there was a big sphere made out of iron bars and the were driving 6 motorcycles inside it. My mom just told me that the night before we went to the circus, one of the actors crashed his/her motorcycle while they were inside the ball.

My homework

The dog ate my homework.

You’ve heard that before?
This one ate the table,
then chewed through the door.

Broke into the living room
with his munch mouth,
snacked on some carpet,
and lunched on the couch.

He chewed up some albums,
then swallowed the mail,
even ate pretzels,
though they were stale.

He garbaged down everything
left in his path
and still wasn’t full
when he found my math.

He chewed tops off bottles
then drank all the pop.
As far as I know,
he still hasn’t stopped.

If you don’t believe me,
then give Mom a call,
if she still has a kitchen
or phone on the wall.

She’ll answer and tell you
my story is true.
The dog ate my homework.
What could I do?

that is by Sara Holbrook. I wish the dog had eaten my homework. I really hate homework. I get too much of it each day and most of the time it’s easy but I have sooooooo much of it! 😦    I get this much each day*

my homework


*it’s not really my homework




Law Abiding Citizens

Lucas “They should make it illegal to spit on the street.”

Gwen  “I think it is already illegal.”

Lucas  “It is illegal?  In Shanghai?”

Gwen  “I think so, yeah.”

Lucas  “Then everyone in this city should really be in jail.”

Gwen  “True.  So true.”

Conversation after witnessing yet another amazing phlegm performance by a Shanghai resident.  Officer Luke is back on the beat!  Stand down, Officer Luke!

My New School

I’m not used to my new school yet.  Every day I don’t want to go to school.  I don’t like having to get up at 6:15.  Now every time I hear something that sounds like my alarm clock, I start to cry.  I also don’t like my bus monitor.  She is really mean and has weird teeth.  I am not used to my new school yet because it just isn’t my old school.  I miss everything about my old school.  I hope I get used to my new school soon.