My homework

The dog ate my homework.

You’ve heard that before?
This one ate the table,
then chewed through the door.

Broke into the living room
with his munch mouth,
snacked on some carpet,
and lunched on the couch.

He chewed up some albums,
then swallowed the mail,
even ate pretzels,
though they were stale.

He garbaged down everything
left in his path
and still wasn’t full
when he found my math.

He chewed tops off bottles
then drank all the pop.
As far as I know,
he still hasn’t stopped.

If you don’t believe me,
then give Mom a call,
if she still has a kitchen
or phone on the wall.

She’ll answer and tell you
my story is true.
The dog ate my homework.
What could I do?

that is by Sara Holbrook. I wish the dog had eaten my homework. I really hate homework. I get too much of it each day and most of the time it’s easy but I have sooooooo much of it! 😦    I get this much each day*

my homework


*it’s not really my homework




My New School

I’m not used to my new school yet.  Every day I don’t want to go to school.  I don’t like having to get up at 6:15.  Now every time I hear something that sounds like my alarm clock, I start to cry.  I also don’t like my bus monitor.  She is really mean and has weird teeth.  I am not used to my new school yet because it just isn’t my old school.  I miss everything about my old school.  I hope I get used to my new school soon.

Physically vs. mentally

Im physically ready to move. But I still feel like were not going to move. When moving day comes, I’m going to go crazy! X_X I’m not ready to move. I’v been living in this house for my whole 9 years. Even in 3rd grade I never thought I would move. I think if my parents had prepared me for the fact that we would maybe move some day, I would be a little– a lot more mentally ready. It would also help if I had a say in the matter but when my dad got offered the job, he took it and told us all we were moving to China! China is on the other side of the world! I’v lived here my whole freakin life! I didn’t even have a say, I haven’t even visited China, and they never told me that there would be any reason we would move! I love my school, I don’t want to leave my friends, and It’ll be so hard to move! Well, theres nothing that’s gonna stop us from moving now, may as well stop jabbering. Mom and dad do have a good reason though, dad needs a good job. When Erickson went bankrupt and we sold it, everything went wrong.