Henry the Kung Fu Master

IMG_0773It is almost Chinese New Year and that means it is time for Henry to dazzle us all with his kung fu skills!  He has been taking kung fu after school for a while now and was excited to get a chance to show off his moves during the school performance.  Allegedly this routine originally had the song “Kung Fu Fighting” as the accompanying music.  I have no proof of this and I am so sorry to report that for the actual performance they used some more generic Chinese music.

They performed twice and the first video I shot includes mainly the backs of other people’s heads.  It is just like the pirated DVDs we can get here!  While I am sure you all would have enjoyed watching Henry through the crowd of other parents, I managed to slide closer for the second show.  Please excuse the giant pole that blocks his floor moves!  My video skills could use some work, obviously.  The best part of the performance occurred when the kids took the stage and the children in the audience from Henry’s class started calling out, “Henry! Henry!”  I don’t think I captured that on film, but you might get to see his dismissive wave as he walks to his spot.  Stars have no time for the commoners, you know.


Back In China

I like being back in China.  But when I got home I felt like I wanted to go back on vacation.  Then I could play video games.  The boat was my favorite part of vacation because we could play video games all day.  I like being on the boat just because it is fun and we swim, go to the beach, and go snorkeling.  I saw a sunken ship.  I saw fish and two barracudas.

Dictated to Gwen by Henry 

Bike Riding

I like riding bikes.  My friend Kienan gave my bike to me.  I ride my bike down to the sidewalk.  I’m going to take my training wheels off soon.  I ride it down to the crosswalk.  I rode it down to the park once and played.  That’s all.

Dictated to Gwen by Henry

Ninja Post 3

Good Things About School:

1.  My friends

2.  Playing on the playground

3. My teachers (Ms. Tammy speaks English and Ms. Stacy speaks Chinese)

Bad Things About School:

1.  Physical Education (We don’t get to do just one thing.  We have to do like FOUR things and we are always with another class.)

2. Nothing.  I like my school.

Dictated to Gwen by Henry

Chinese New Year Fireworks!

It was awesome!  There was a big “bang, bang, bang, boom, boom, boom”!  I saw some.  I saw some on different days.  I saw them at our house.  And our house is awesome!  I went to the market where there were lots of plastic toys and swords.  I really wanted my mom to get me something.

Dictated to Gwen the bad mom who wouldn’t buy Henry anything at the market!

Chopstick Dance

I miss Freerealms.  That game was all about me.  I really want to play Freerealms.  I was all about Freerealms.

On Friday, I ate pork and pork and pork and pork.  I had it for dinner at a restaurant.  I loved it.

We saw a dance at my school.  There was a Chopstick Dance.  I also did the Chopstick Dance with my class.  We did it in the morning.  I didn’t have chopsticks so I practiced with my fingers.  For the dance they gave us fancy chopsticks with red streamers.  They are light colored wood.  Just to borrow.  Not to take home.  I wore special clothes on Friday.  I wore a red and gold jacket with fancy buttons.  My pants had dragons on them.  It was silky material.  I wore it because it was a special day.  It was for Chinese New Year.  I showed my mom one move from the dance.

Dictated to Gwen