Chopstick Dance

I miss Freerealms.  That game was all about me.  I really want to play Freerealms.  I was all about Freerealms.

On Friday, I ate pork and pork and pork and pork.  I had it for dinner at a restaurant.  I loved it.

We saw a dance at my school.  There was a Chopstick Dance.  I also did the Chopstick Dance with my class.  We did it in the morning.  I didn’t have chopsticks so I practiced with my fingers.  For the dance they gave us fancy chopsticks with red streamers.  They are light colored wood.  Just to borrow.  Not to take home.  I wore special clothes on Friday.  I wore a red and gold jacket with fancy buttons.  My pants had dragons on them.  It was silky material.  I wore it because it was a special day.  It was for Chinese New Year.  I showed my mom one move from the dance.

Dictated to Gwen

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