My Birthday

Today was my birthday.  It started out a little bit crazy but then it got smoother.  I got to go to the fabric market with daddy.  It was fun.  Because for my birthday I was allowed to get a qi piao.  It is a traditional Chinese dress.  It was almost like the whole building is made of fabric, although, no, it didn’t collapse.  I thought it was going to be just like one store, but instead it was like the pearl market with only clothes.  You can have yours made or they have already made ones that you can buy right then.  We looked at a few stores.  The first store had tons of fabric, but they wouldn’t negotiate at all.  Then, as we were coming to the end of the market, there was one store with no one in it.  They negotiated and had really nice fabric.  It was the best store of the ones we looked at.  Did I tell you that I have to wait for a month and a week until it is done?  Yes, because they are taking a break for Chinese New Year.


Dictated to Gwen

3 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. April: Ava, happy belated birthday AND a happy Chinese New Year!! The fabric market sounds really neat! What color fabric did you choose? I bet the qi piao will look beautiful on you! I hope your first birthday in China was a great day and your first year will be a fun exciting experience. Miss you and your family. Big hug ~April
    Kienan: Hope you had a great birthday and a great few weeks in China!!!!!

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