Physically vs. mentally

Im physically ready to move. But I still feel like were not going to move. When moving day comes, I’m going to go crazy! X_X I’m not ready to move. I’v been living in this house for my whole 9 years. Even in 3rd grade I never thought I would move. I think if my parents had prepared me for the fact that we would maybe move some day, I would be a little– a lot more mentally ready. It would also help if I had a say in the matter but when my dad got offered the job, he took it and told us all we were moving to China! China is on the other side of the world! I’v lived here my whole freakin life! I didn’t even have a say, I haven’t even visited China, and they never told me that there would be any reason we would move! I love my school, I don’t want to leave my friends, and It’ll be so hard to move! Well, theres nothing that’s gonna stop us from moving now, may as well stop jabbering. Mom and dad do have a good reason though, dad needs a good job. When Erickson went bankrupt and we sold it, everything went wrong.

1 thought on “Physically vs. mentally

  1. Lucas,
    I was reading your most recent posts. I was nervous about you’re grammar and spelings. Their making me nervous.


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