Surprisingly, This Time The Issue Didn’t Come From China!

The latest from Lucas…

I apparently just became a victim of an accidental prank call. This is how it went:


I was texting my mom about my homework, when the phone rang. I answered it, saying “Hello, Erickson residence”. The voice on the other line sounded like a woman. (She was also southern, which adds to the funniness of the story later.) So anyway, back to the point. She didn’t say anything for a minute. I said “Hello? Who is this?” she answered back “Hi, are you Spanish?” I was wondering why she would ask, but I answered, “Um… no”. She asked who I was, and I told her that my name was Lucas Erickson. She told me she was looking for someone named ‘David’, but everything each of us said followed a little bit of hesitation. I thought it was just a normal, wrong number problem, and I told her that she had the wrong number. She pushed on saying, “Come on, I know it’s you!” I tried to persuade her that I wasn’t this ‘David’ but she wouldn’t listen to anything I said, I don’t know how exactly I sounded Spanish over the phone. I eventually got to the point where I got bored with repeating “No” over and over again, so I just hung up. She called back a second time, this time mumbling something as soon as I answered. I said, “What?” She responded back with the same mumbling, just a little bit louder than before. Then a Russian-sounding man got on the line, and said “Hey!” In my opinion, it’s hard enough as-is to understand Russian people, add that to the fact that he sounded like he had a frog stuck in his throat. At this point, I was starting to consider that these people might be stalking me and I might somehow end up gagged, tied up, and stuffed into the back of their van driving to who-knows-where, so I just hung up. I had an idea now, and so the next time they called me back, (Which was in like five seconds), I put my great mind to use. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Hello?”


Her: “Yes, hi”


Me: “I don’t know you people, I’m twelve years old, my name is Lucas Erickson, and I live in China. If you don’t believe me, go to my mom’s blog,”.


Her: “You lying motherf**ker!”


Me: “You know what, screw you!”


I then hung up on her, and went back to playing my video game. I was called again a little while after, and she incoherently mumbled what I think was “Sorry”, then I heard her tell someone behind her, (Unless she was talking to herself), that they should have believed me the first time. I hung up, and wasn’t called again. Good riddance. I hope they’re reading this blog right now, and if they are, was it really necessary to call me a lying motherf**ker?  

The Annoying Trip to Bali!!!!!!!!!

We finally got out of the house.  I never thought we’d get out.  We were heading to Bali, a wonderful place.  Except the ride was a little bit obnoxious.  Why don’t I tell you about it?  It started one morning, we were getting in the taxis to go to the Maglev.  For those of you who don’t know, the Maglev is this big floating train that goes as fast as you will ever go on land.    We went up to 400 miles an hour.  It made my head dizzy it was so fast!  Finally we stopped.  We got off at the airport.  Little did I know there was a big problem ahead of me.  We got on our first flight.  I took out my IPad, my headphones, and I took out one small polka dotted piece of pink fabric.  I put it behind my pillow. The fabric is my lovey, my blanket, my beloved Pinky!  I have had her all my life.  They discontinued this blanket the year I was born.

We got off the plane and I got off without a small piece of pink polka dotted fabric.  We sat in the airport for what felt like a long time.  We finally got on the next plane.  I went to reach out for Pinky but I realized when I put my hand in my suitcase… SHE WAS GONE!!!!!  I cried for the first three hours of the flight.  In case you were wondering, the flight is more than six hours.  I finally got over that I might not get Pinky back and so my crying calmed down.  And then my stomach didn’t feel so good.  So I got up and went to the bathroom about five times and then I said, “Mom, I think I might need a throw up bag soon.  Like NOW!”  I threw up six times on the plane then finally we got off in Bali.  My mom went back into the airport to see if they had found Pinky.  Meanwhile, we waited.  After what felt like a couple of hours, I threw up again.  Mom had the supply of throw up bags so I threw up on the ground in the middle of the waiting zone.  Finally, my mom came back.  She didn’t know that I had thrown up on the ground and she was shocked that me and my dad were across the street in the grass in case I threw up again.

Then we got in the car.  I threw up again and luckily my mom had one more throw up bag. The bad news was that this was our last one– the last one of them all!  We got to the hotel finally, the hotel where we were going to stay one night.  We got in our room after what felt like a hundred and sixty miles of walking.  Mommy had to stay with me and she was the one who had to put up with me throwing up the entire flight.  But luckily, I didn’t throw up again.  The next morning I woke up the latest of anyone even though my mom is usually the lazy bird.  Me and my mom went down to breakfast.  The boys had already had breakfast and were now swimming in the pool like little fishies.  My dad called to see if anybody had found Pinky.  Unfortunately, no one had.  My mom was looking at the Korean Air website at pictures of lost things.  She looked through pages and pages and pages, but Pinky (my beloved!) wasn’t there.

When we got to our villa, we first started picking out our rooms.  Then we looked again to see if anyone had found Pinky.  Still, unfortunately, no P-I-N-K-Y!!!!!!  We looked for three days and still nothing.  Finally, my mom did something smart.  She looked on ebay!  She looked at one hundred pages of pink baby blankets.  She found three identical Pinkies!  I was saved!  All that time crying on the plane– it wasn’t worth it.  We ordered two of them and my grandmom is sending me one of them.

We went to another villa where we spent one night and then we went back to the airport.  We got to Seoul, Korea, our first stop.  Our wait there was four hours and that is the same city where I lost Pinky.  My mom and I went to the information desk to see if we could find the lost and found.  They sent us on a wild goose chase.  They told us to go upstairs.  We went up and we asked.  They asked for our flight information and stuff like that.  It was pretty annoying but I had to deal with it.  We went back downstairs.  My mom was generous enough to let me stay at the gate with my dad and she went on the rest of the wild goose chase to see if they had found Pinky.  Of course, they hadn’t.  We got on our next flight empty handed with no special piece of pink polka dotted fabric.

We finally got back to China and I am waiting for my replacement Pinky.

P.S.  Don’t read this when you are eating.

Dictated to Gwen by Ava

My Bionicles

BIONICLES! When I was in kindergarten bionicles were a big deal, but then as I entered 1st grade everyone got less interested in bionicles. Bionicles are the perfect combination: Lego + action figures = bionicles. Bionicles are composed of snap-together pieces:

Lego created a whole storyline for bionicles. I will show it here. You don’t have to watch it cause it’s kinda long. sorry, they took out the older videos.

Here is the newer bionicle Ackar from the Glatoran series:

And here is his promo trailer.