Law Abiding Citizens

Lucas “They should make it illegal to spit on the street.”

Gwen  “I think it is already illegal.”

Lucas  “It is illegal?  In Shanghai?”

Gwen  “I think so, yeah.”

Lucas  “Then everyone in this city should really be in jail.”

Gwen  “True.  So true.”

Conversation after witnessing yet another amazing phlegm performance by a Shanghai resident.  Officer Luke is back on the beat!  Stand down, Officer Luke!

2 thoughts on “Law Abiding Citizens

  1. Lucas,
    Do babies wear diapers there? When I visited China in 1990 all the toddlers had slits in their pants and they would squat and relieve themselves on the spot. If you are disgusted by the spitting, I’d imagine that this potty-training method wouldn’t be very appealing either. I am glad you have been making friends at school. I am sure your friends in Baltimore and Park School miss you as well.

    Emily Shattuck (from Montessori)

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