Shanghai Life

My life here is starting to unfold.  My life is like a path but I can’t see all of it.  I don’t like Shanghai.  It is becoming a very scary place.  I don’t know anything about it yet.  We don’t have a car here so it is difficult to get around.  We either have to walk, or take the subway, or take a taxi.  The walking is my least favorite part.  And I can’t really understand most people because I don’t know much Chinese.  It almost seems like I keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, not learning.  But anyway, I hope it gets better.

Dictated to Gwen by Ava

1 thought on “Shanghai Life

  1. I’m dangerously close to sending Ava some poetry books, pre-cautionary St. Johns, and random feel good stuff. Poor girl, she’s killing me! Give her a hug for us. We went to the World of Coke Museum today (don’t ask) and K tasted all of the China sodas. He decided he feels very sorry for his cousins. Never mind that he isn’t allowed (nor are they, most likely) to drink soda in America. Chinese soda is apparently vile.

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