Revisiting the Meat Section of Carrefour (Or Why We Don’t Buy Much Meat in China)

Remember when I described the meat section of Carrefour? How the meat is in these big open bins and you choose the pieces you want? Here is more proof that I am not crazy and that Chinese shoppers value “creative” solutions to problems. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Revisiting the Meat Section of Carrefour (Or Why We Don’t Buy Much Meat in China)

  1. OMG- I could watch that on a continuous loop and not get bored. Plus I am picturing you filming it which is also funny.

    • Sadly, I didn’t film it. One of my work colleagues showed it to me. I think a friend of his must have filmed it and posted it on YouTube. I am still too self conscious to film people. I am also very bad at stealth with my phone, so it is impossible for me not to make a scene when I see something deserving of a photo op. There’s a skill I should develop– stealth iphone use. I will work on it.

  2. My kids and I just watched this. Lmao! Hysterical! Did you film this? That is even more funny. BTW I love your blog. I cringe when I see these meat bins. I worked on a medical floor and studied microbiology in college, which makes them even scarier.

    • The germ implications here are astounding, really. I come from a long line of home economists and my mother and aunts would die if they saw this stuff every day. Just telling them is bad enough. I wish I could take credit for filming it! This is actually a YouTube gem.

  3. Interesting. Kristin told me that it didn’t really seem that bad to her. I mean the chicken is frozen, right? It seems like the ice encasing would repel most, if not all, germs. Are we missing something?

    • Oh, “Kristin” said this, did she? I am sure that is a sound theory. Other people like to point out that you would be bringing the meat home and cooking it. That will kill all the germs, right? I am not convinced.

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